Anker 548 Power Bank (PowerCore Reserve 192Wh)
Anker 548 Power Bank (PowerCore Reserve 192Wh)
Anker 548 Power Bank (PowerCore Reserve 192Wh)
Anker 548 Power Bank (PowerCore Reserve 192Wh)
Anker 548 Power Bank (PowerCore Reserve 192Wh)
Anker 548 Power Bank (PowerCore Reserve 192Wh)

Anker 548 Power Bank (PowerCore Reserve 192Wh)

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With a 60,000mAh capacity, charge an iPhone 14 over 10 times or a MacBook Air 2.9 times.

Features dual USB-C ports (60W & 27W) for simultaneous device charging and includes an SOS button for emergencies. Sustainable solar charging option available (solar panels sold separately).

Comes with a USB-C cable, welcome guide, and 18 months warranty. Perfect for on-the-go power!

  •  Massive Power for All: Get the ultimate emergency power source for all your devices with a massive capacity of 60,000mAh. Charge an iPhone 14 over 10 times, a MacBook Air up to 2.9 times, or power a 3W LED lamp for 42.3 hours.

  • Simultaneous Charging: Features 60W and 27W USB-C ports, allowing you to charge your phone and laptop simultaneously—ideal for quick power on the go.

  • Stay Safe and Secure: The retractable light and an SOS button provide emergency lighting for safety during power outages or other emergency situations. 
  • Power Up Sustainably: Recharge the power bank seamlessly via solar panels, providing sustainable charging for your devices on the go. (solar panels not included).

  •  What You Get: Anker 548 Power Bank (PowerCore Reserve 192Wh), 1.9 ft (60 cm) USB-C to USB-C cable, welcome guide, worry-free 3-year warranty, and our friendly customer service. (Note: Wall charger and XT-60 cable not included)

Huge Capacity for Multiple Devices

Light Up Your Space During Blackouts

Retractable or Expandable Options

Auto Lighting to Locate the Power Bank

Two Brightness Modes

SOS Mode for Emergencies

Take Power On the Go


In Car

Home Backup

What's in the Box?

Anker Reserve Power Bank ×1

USB-C Cable ×1

Quick Start Quide ×1


The power bank reallocates power internally, which takes a few seconds to complete. This is a normal process, so there is no need to worry.

The power bank has a 0.1W resolution. For devices like headphones or smartwatches with high battery levels, the charging power may fall below 0.1W. Rest assured, the power bank continues to charge the device even if the displayed power shows 0W.

The power bank's USB-C port supports bidirectional charging. Ensure your laptop is charging by checking after connecting the cable and disconnecting once fully charged.

1. Press the 'light' button to turn on the screen.
2. Long press the 'light' button to activate. 'Auto' indicates it's on.
3. Connect to a power source via USB-C 1.
4. Place where light is unobstructed.
5. Light auto-activates during power outages.

1. When idle with a battery level circle, press the SOS button twice to enter the settings page.
2. Press and hold for 2 seconds to switch between different screen timeout settings.
3. Press the SOS button twice to exit the settings page.

Note: To manually turn off the screen, press the 'light' button twice on the main screen.