Anker USB-C Wall Charger (20W)
Anker USB-C Wall Charger (20W)
Anker USB-C Wall Charger (20W)
Anker USB-C Wall Charger (20W)
Anker USB-C Wall Charger (20W)
Anker USB-C Wall Charger (20W)

Anker USB-C Wall Charger (20W)

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  • The Perfect Match for Your iPad: Anker Select Charger specifically designed to provide a flawless charging experience for your iPad.

  • Supercharge Your iPhone: With 20W maximum power output, charge an iPhone 14 to 50% in just 30 minutes, keeping you connected throughout the day.

  • Portable and Space-Saving: The charger's sleek design saves valuable space, allowing you to efficiently charge your devices without cluttering your workspace or travel bag.

  • Uncompromised Safety: MultiProtect safety system ensures that your devices are shielded from potential hazards, providing you with a worry-free charging experience.

  • What You Get: Anker Select Charger (20W), welcome guide, 18-month warranty, and our friendly customer service.

Anker Charger (20W) with USB-C Cable

The Fast and Compact Charger for Phones and Tablets

Experience Efficient Power Delivery

Trust in the reliability and performance of our charger to deliver consistent and efficient charging, keeping your iPad ready for any task at hand.

Fast Charging Made Effortless

Enjoy 3X faster charging for your iPhone, allowing you to power up and stay connected all the time.

Travel Light, Charge Efficiently

The compact charger is your perfect travel companion that fits seamlessly in your pocket or bag for convenient charging wherever you are.

Charge with Confidence

With the MultiProtect safety system, you can charge your devices concern-free, knowing that they are shielded from over-voltage, over-current, and short-circuit risks.

Massive Compatibility

Enjoy versatile compatibility with a wide range of devices, including iPhones, iPads, Samsung phones, and various USB-C devices.

In terms of retail sales value in 2020.
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